Spirits: TechnoShed
Matthew murchison image 017

TehcnoShed's sign is based on a retro futuristic angular design style often used for mall electronics shops.

Matthew murchison image 019

Inside of TechnoShed we optimized the environment for gameplay. It's a place where the player can hide and shoot unhindered until they got their bearings, or run out of TV's.

Matthew murchison image 014

TechnoShed has a very wide and shallow layout to prioritize side to side movement and direct players into he two connected back halls.

Matthew murchison image 012

From the top down TechnoShed is designed to read clearly, the throwable glow for easy recognition and the obstacles have higher contrast with the carpet material.

TechnoShed is a play on Radio Shack, we called on some classic 80s colour pallets and materials. With TechnoShed's location in the mall we emphasized cover elements in the environment. This gave us a 2 lane layout with tables and a display case for cover from the boss.

My contributions: Modelled and UV'd all assets, created or modified all tiling and trim sheet textures, directed and executed lighting, built shaders, designed post processing, research and layout design.

Spirits is a telekinetic 3rd person shooter set in the 80s.