Docking Sim: High Realism Mundane Space Simulator
Matthew murchison dockingdoor

Workflow allows for gorgeous graphics with Unity's deferred lighting engine.

Matthew murchison approch

High fidelity "Face Weighted" models run perfectly in realtime or low end commuters.

Matthew murchison matthew murchison customnormals

Using the 'Face Weighted Normals' workflow to increase visual fidelity without effecting the rendering overhead,

Matthew murchison missaligned

Tri-Planar tiled materials allow for unbelievable close-up texture resolution.

For Docking Sim I wanted to try the 'Face Weighted Normals' Workflow form Alien Isolation and Star Citizen. Though it takes a bit more work in the modelling stage, but the visual quality it delivers is unparalleled. The workflow allows for crisp edges by averaging edge normals over only the bevel instead of the entire surface of the model. With normals and surface shading being controlled by geometry, the artist can then use low-res, tilling textures to make very high detail surfaces with tri=planar projection.

You can play Docking Sim for free on to see the art up close for yourself: