Stargate Day 2019 sneak peek
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A goal of this project is to positively contribute to the fan culture around Stargate, having realistic assets gives you new opportunities to bring joy to other fans.

Stargate Day 2019

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The recent upgrades to Unity and Blender really made this project possible. From blenders improved performance for high poly modeling and sculpitng, to Unity's HDRP, Timeline, Shadergraph and VFX graph.

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Using Unity's High Definition render Pipeline has made it possible to achieve amazing lighting and atmosphere really quickly and consistently.

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My Stargate model has been designed detail by detail to accurately reflect the design from the Stargate SG-1 models

Happy 25th birthday Stargate! This is my personal Stargate project, as my favorite Sci-Fi franchises I have always wanted to create a little piece of Stargate, so this is the beginning of a larger tribute.
I have to say: this scene, even in its rough state, this scene is one of my happiest accomplishments. Very few things bring as much joy as creating this short animation has over the last several months.
I initially planned to finish the scene before releasing it on here, but when I saw all the festivities around #StargateDay yesterday I felt now was the right time! Before this upload, only 3 people have ever even seen parts of this project.
As always this was mostly created in Blender 3D, with texturing done in Substance Painter. The final touches: lighting, animation, sequencing, and rendering all come in real-time form Unity 3D using the High Definition Render Pipeline. I can't say enough about how well t