Interior Mapping Shader

A realistic scene demonstrating the immersive value of interior mapping.

A demo showcasing the interior illumination and glass refraction built into the shader.

Roles: Shader Artist, Technical Artist
The shader features a cubemap based interior renderer, using standard PBR textures you can render 1000s of windows on one face at almost no cost.

- Glass refraction based on surface normal map.
- Universal Render Pipeline Compatible.
- Cubmaps can be built in 3D or taken form a 360 camera
- interior and facade in one shader.
- Configurable columbs and rows of windows.

I based my shader design on a MIGS 2018 presentation by Insomniac Games tech artists, as well as a 2020 video from Game Dev Guide. My demo uses interior maps from HDRI Haven and surface textures form Substance Source.
Developed as part of the DMD shader collection.