Terrorarium: Pre-Rendered Cinematics

This trailer shows the wide variety of environments and scenes I deigned, built and animated. Each one was designed to enrich the world of Terrarium, or enrich and reflect the character of the Gardener.

Pretty much anything that's not gameplay is a cinematic I designed form the ground up. A big part of the job was keeping the new cinematics visually consistent with the game itself.

This trailer opens with several of the cutscenes I created.

This trailer is mostly gameplay, but opens with one of the first scenes we blocked out.

Roles: Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Environment Artist, Texture Artist, Animator, Look Developer, Concept Artist
I was brought on by Stitch Media to create all of the Terrorarium pre-rendered cinematics. That meant working from the original narrative scripts and building everything from scratch. I created storyboards, modeled the required environments, created new shaders, textures, animations, and choreographed all the cinematography, as well as the finale renders. The total length came out to 31 minutes of unique cutscenes, much of which can be seen in the trailers above.

Stitch Media put me in touch with the original animator for the game, Maddi McDougall, who provided the fantastic character-driven facial animations. The entire process was coordinated and overseen by Katie Barnes who made an amazing and highly adaptable producer. They were a fantastic team to work with!