Spirits: Burger Royal
Matthew murchison image 001

Burger royal is a throwback to classic 80's Burger King

Matthew murchison image 003

Inside our retro furniture is on full display, as well as popular 80s carpeting and wall decoration.

Matthew murchison image 002

Part of designing Burger Royal was connecting it to the back room. By laying out the throwable assets we guided the player into the safety of our back rooms.

Burger Royal is a tribute to retro fast food, specifically Burger King in the 80s. We borrowed heavily from the visual style of real life burger kings, from the checkered carpet to the wooden and brick entry-way.

My contributions: Modelled and UV'd all assets, created or modified all tiling and trim sheet textures, directed and executed lighting, built shaders, designed post processing, research and layout design.

Spirits is a telekinetic 3rd person shooter set in the 80s.