Spirits: Mill Lake Mall
Matthew murchison image 037

To help the player keep their bearings I gave the mall several key guiding landmarks. The greenery and shadow guides the player away from the areas they shouldn't be, our vibrant lighting elements keeps the focus on each store and the main gameplay areas.

Matthew murchison image 045

The introductory areas introduce the visual elements of the game and guide the player's into the tutorial.

Matthew murchison image 039

Spirits leverages vapourware aesthetics through lighting and post-processing to create our unique visual style.

Matthew murchison image 059

The mall has many areas that makeup the level, each is blended with a mix of artistic lighting and referenced environment art.

Matthew murchison image 038

The mall is both an environmental hub, and the main combat area for Spirits

The mall is the area that ties Spirits together. It connects all of our individual areas, as well as supporting the main gameplay areas.

My contributions: Modelled and UV'd all assets, created or modified all tiling and trim sheet textures, directed and executed lighting, built shaders, designed post processing, research and layout design.

Spirits is a telekinetic 3rd person shooter set in the 80s.