Spirits: Flashback Arcade
Matthew murchison image 029

Flashback Arcade is designed as a world of its own, with easy access for the boss it drives combat while delivering a lot of unique atmosphere.

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The lighting of an almost all black room can be a hurdle. I needed to add a lot of lights, and that gave me a great opportunity to add tot he chaotic and playful arcade feel.

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A lot of small details went into building up or art style. The environments pulled details form reality as much as possible.

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A real arcade has a lot of supporting items. These went. along way to recreating the feel of being in an arcade, as well as giving us guidance on how to best optimize our asset creation timeline.

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I pulled the colours and branding for Flashback Arcade directly form some of the most influential arcades of the 70s and 80s. As a set piece the entry way was designed to say "80s" in every way we could.

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The arcade was a Wonderfull space to build, from custom textures to the creative use of lighting.

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The environments of Spirits relied heavily on a use of trim sheets and tilling textures to give high quality visuals with reduced processing costs.

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We used a lot of reflections to push the capabilities of the Unity High Definition Render Pipeline. We wanted visuals that looked like they pushed the capabilities of Unity, and pushed the potential of our art team.

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The environment has a lived in, deserted feel that plays into the atmosphere of Spirits.

Our Flashback Arcade is based on the Timeout Arcade chain form the 80s. The vibrant sign colours and neon interiors build a stone sense of atmosphere. With the larger assets and more extreme aesthetic the Arcade is near the height of our progression curve before beating the boss. This is where the game feel is cranked up for full immersion.

My contributions: Modelled and UV'd all assets, created or modified all tiling and trim sheet textures, directed and executed lighting, built shaders, designed post processing, research and layout design.

Spirits is a telekinetic 3rd person shooter set in the 80s.