Unity Stereoscopic Rendering Specialist
Matthew murchison img 20180821 153245

The demonstration running on the 4k star 3D screen.

Matthew murchison demostatemachine

I converted the project to run off of a Unity visual star machine, this simplified the code, and made manipulation easier.

Matthew murchison wavesatnight

A map of every cell tower in Ottawa interacting in real time.

Matthew murchison timeline

The timeline became an integral part of our pre-scripted demos. Reducing development time by 75% or more.

Matthew murchison img 20180821 160140

The hololnse gave a new and unique way to visualize 3D spectrum.

Over 4 months I rebuilt the Canadian Communications Research Center's (CRC) 5G demonstrations from the ground up. The focus was on efficiently displaying Geolocated data in an interactive way on their 4K 3D Screen.